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LivingInfo Systems:

Software Development, Information and Communications Technology Solutions.

We at LivingInfo Systems have many ideas on how to improve the computing experience: 
- for the novice user, the experienced individual, the super-user, or guru;
- or in organisations, businesses and enterprises, the information technician, or Chief Information Officer.
Seer: People think in terms of associations. If one thinks of what one had for lunch, one also thinks of where, who with, etcetera. Seer uses this principle of things being associated with other things to provide an intuitive system of finding information on your computer.
See Seer for more information.

Financial Planning : there are dozens of accounting programmes and packages. And what about financial planning? That's a different idea. Accounting shows what happened. Financial planning is what you're going to do with your money. This is much more than just budgeting. A financial management and planning package, is in the beginnings of development. This will be suitable for the individual, small business, and enterprise, alike.
Please see Financier for more information.
Also on the development forecast are:
• Something I'm calling a status tracking system. This will be a little like Skype, but with much more functionality, to make it very useful for businesses and enterprise.
A password management system, also for portable computers such as Windows Mobile and iPhone. Great for systems administrators.
• A programme to help someone get started trading stocks, shares and derivatives, and how to find suitable choices to buy.
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LivingInfo Systems supports the Youth For Human Rights programme.


LivingInfo Systems: Software development and information technology consulting.

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