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Windows application:
LivingInfo Systems is proud to announce Seer.
Seer is an advanced intelligent associative information cross-reference co-relation and access system, and knowledge base. A mouthful to say; easy to use, the likes of which you haven't seen before.

This is the new breed of Information Browser.


Does the world need a new way of finding and accessing information?

Yes: currently, information access is done using methods that are easy for a computer programme to do. But people are not computers, and do not think the way computers “think.”

Example: you want to find a file on your computer. You pull up Windows Explorer (My Computer). If you are organised, you have your own filing system set up. But if you do, you probably also have thousands of files, organised in dozens or hundreds of folders, to have to navigate through.

If you’re less organised you use the Explorer search function, which is tedious, and not elegant to use.

Example: you want to find something on the internet. You pull up your favourite browser, go to Google, enter your keyword and get 700,000,000 results. If you’re lucky, the page you're looking for is in the top 50.

It is estimated that 4 exa-bytes (4.0 x 10^18 bytes) of unique information will be generated this year (remember that the text of an encyclopedia it about a megabyte). That is more than the previous 5000 years. How are you going to find your needle in that haystack!?

There has to be a better way.

There is.


Seer is a bit more intelligent than that. Seer learns from what you and I want and do; and that makes finding information much easier and faster.

Seer is like having a Dewey system for the files on your computer. Except that Seer lets you create the organisation anyway you want. You could use the Dewey system, or something entirely different, something personal to you. Seer is cross-referenced, so helps you to find your files more easily.

Use Seer as a replacement for finding files using:


Windows Explorer,


Servant Salamander,

Total Commander,

XTree Gold,


or any of the others.

As Seer's first incarnation is a replacement for these, you could call it a navigator. But as Seer's potential is so much more than that, I'm using the broader term of Information Browser.


Seer initial development is complete. Many more features are under development.

Seer pricing: Seer version 1 is free.

As later versions are released, version 1 will remain available and free. Later versions, with more features and more functionality will be affordably priced.

Enquiries are welcome.

Version 1: Free. Build 2018.03.18. Download the beta.

Version 2: Under development.



Future Development: 

1. Seer is at first a stand-alone application, and will later become:
- a client-server based application for commercial and enterprise applications;
- a web-application for increased flexibility such as being accessed from anywhere;
- a web based software service. Web services can be hosted by you, or by LivingInfo Systems, at your option.
2. Planned is an operating system that will replace existing operating systems by using an advanced design philosophy and a feature set that significantly improves on anything existing today. Many programmes or systems claim to be user-friendly or ergonomic; but in reality, there is a long way to go. The Seer operating system will bridge that gap, and fill that vacuum.



Seer is a trademark of, and copyright, all rights reserved, owned by LivingInfo Systems Limited.



LivingInfo Systems supports the Youth For Human Rights programme.