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Software Development, Information and Communications Technology Solutions.

LivingInfo Systems is developing a programme for financial planning, called Financier.
Definition: Financier: A person skilled in large scale financial transactions.
Financier: Improve the effectiveness of your money.
Financier: Helping you acheive your goals by learning and using financial planning.
This is not accounting. Accounting records what happened; Financier is taking the income from one week, and working out what to spend it on in the coming week. Financial planning advances on the idea of “budgeting.”
This will be for an individual, or a company of any size, and includes groups of companies, where an entity has several child companies or entities.
- Do you find yourself double entering data from your accounting software to your methods of financial planning?
- Do you wonder how what you DID compares to what you planned to do with your money? For the past week? The past month?
- Do you know how to USE finances to achieve your goals?
- Do you want to track your money while you save for more than one goal?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Financier will benefit you!
As part of this programme, LivingInfo Systems is offering financial planning advice, to support and supplement the software, so that you can use it more effectively. Even though the software is still under development, we can provide financial planning advice now.


We are very interested in making Financier beneficial to you, so if you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions, please email .

LivingInfo Systems supports the Youth For Human Rights programme.